1 Jun Some shelf wear on cover, some pages w/ notes and underlining. Ships promptly in a padded mailer w/ delivery confirmation. In Spiritual Theology Father Jordan Aumann dispels the common misconception that ascetical and mystical theology is for the select few. He reminds us that “the. 8 Apr Spiritual theology did not emerge as a distinct and well-defined branch of sacred doctrine until the seventeenth century, although special.

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Gradually the word was identified with contemplation, and treatises on the subject tended to become more abstract and scientific.

Discernment of Spirits Types of Spirits Psychosomatic Phenomena Extraordinary Mystical Phenomena Doctrinal Foundations 1 Nature and Scope of Spiritual Theology Although treatises on the spiritual life can be found in the writings of the earliest theologians and Fathers of the Church, spiritual theology did not emerge as a distinct and well-defined branch of sacred doctrine until the eighteenth century.

Apart from having descriptive value, such works also provide models worthy of imitation. Later the word came to mean the study of philosophy or the practice of virtue, and it was used in this sense by Greek philosophers.

This is true not only because created grace, the vital principle of the spiritual life, comes to us only through the mediation of Jesus Christ, but also because those who cultivate the spiritual life must consciously or unconsciously follow the teachings of Christ, regardless of: A Manual for Priests.

Lastly, spiritual theology describes the process by which people normally advance from the beginning of the spiritual life to full perfection.

Spiritual Theology: Jordan Aumann: Sheed & Ward

As such he provides an amazing synthesis of the teachings of these Spirituall as it applies to spiritual theology. The distinction between the ascetical and the mystical is not without foundation on the existential level, jodran at any given moment in the spiritual life the ascetical or the mystical aspect will predominate, and therefore it is perfectly legitimate to isolate one from the other for the purposes of investigation.

This receives reference throughout the. The term mystical, also from the Greek mystikosoriginally referred to secret or hidden rites known only spirittual the initiated. Finally, the history of spirituality provides the experiential data so necessary for the practical science of spiritual theology, without which the theologian would have to depend exclusively on the a priori method of deduction from the principles of speculative theology and the spieitual of the Magisterium.

It teaches only what has been handed on to it. Thus, spiritual theology deals directly with the psychological data of the spiritual life, and in so doing it adds to the principles of moral theology the experiential or existential element that constitutes spiritual theology as a combination of speculative and practical theology.

Thus, the writings of St. Ayer and Quine on the a priori November 23, 1 The problem of a priori knowledge Ayer s book is a defense of a thoroughgoing empiricism, not only about what is required for a belief to be justified.

Lumen Gentium Part I: Ignatius of Loloya, and St. Growth in the spiritual life consists in answering More information. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. He presents the most complete and systematic treatment of spiritual theology since Vatican II. Thomas Aquinas, an outstanding theilogy of the traditional concept, sacred doctrine is principally a speculative science because it seeks knowledge through causes and deduces conclusions from principles according to the rules of logic.

We also speak of Jorxan as the transmission of the deposit of faith from one generation to another under the magisterial guidance of the Church, which proclaims, explains, and applies the revealed truths throughout the centuries.

Spiritual Theology

We prefer the succinct title, spiritual theology. Moved by the love of the Holy Spirit in More information. Finally, the conclusions drawn from the study must be general enough to serve as norms or directives of the spiritual life, since we are dealing with an applied and a practical science.

Kindergarten Vocabulary Advent a time to get ready to celebrate the coming of the Son of God. In seeking to identify the essential elements of the spiritual life, he transcends the variety of religious experiences of individual persons and the particular characteristics that distinguish one school of spirituality from another. Why do Christians believe that God has spoken through the Bible in ways that he has not through other great religious books?

The second type comprises autobiographical accounts composed by mystics jorxan or special studies by experts in the field of religious experience. The Holy Bible More information. It approved of modern exegetical methods spirigual delving into Holy Scripture.

Valerie rated it it was amazing Dec 19, In reality it is only in the mystery of the Word made flesh that the mystery of man truly becomes clear The forms and tasks of life are many but holiness is one — that sanctity which is cultivated by all who act under God’s Spirit and, obeying the Father’s voice and adoring God the Father in spirit and in truth, follow Christ, poor, humble and cross-bearing, that they may deserve to be partakers of his glory. Liturgical Documents More information.

The life that the individual receives through participation in Christ is the same life that animated the God-man, the life that the Incarnate Word shares with the Father and the Holy Spirit; it is, therefore, the life of God in the august mystery of the Trinity. D Saint Paul, the Apostle of the Nations, reminds us: Spiritual theology, as we have seen, is not a purely speculative science but also a practical and applied theology; it must therefore investigate the experimental data lest it attempt to formulate the laws of the spiritual life by an a priori method.

Since he had been giving special courses in spirituality at the Faculty of Theology of the University of Santo Tomas, Manila, where he was an honorary professor. It’s about the doing of good instead of evil, More information.

These can be done throughout More information. Five Dominicans Respond to Adriano Oliva is a Thomism friendly to the gay lifestyle the wave of the future?

Return to Book Page. Forming Disciples for the New Evangelization: Augustine contrasts theology and Magisterium when he says: God and Ignatius, the one who gives and the one who makes Theolovy.

It is from the Scriptures that the prayers, collects, and hymns draw their inspiration and their force, and that actions and signs derive their meaning All this holds true not for Christians only but also for all men of good will in whose hearts grace is active invisibly. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. What is Divine Revelation?

Spiritual Theology JORDAN AUMANN, O.P.

Spirituality and Theology To formulate a definition of spiritual theology it is first necessary to make some precisions concerning the concepts spirituality and theology as they apply to the study of Christian perfection. They were most generous in contributing their time and labor in the typing of the manuscript. The value of these works for jorvan theology is that they spirituao factual testimony of the wonderful and mysterious ways in which God is glorified in his saints.

John states at the end of his Gospel: Vatican Council II has promulgated this,doctrine in the declaration on non-christian religions: