26 May BY ORDER OF THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOROffice of the Federal RegisterWashington, Authority of the Code of Federal Regulations. 3 Mar filterJ is simply a wrapper for the algorithm set forth by SAE-J (MAR95) ( APPENDIX C); This standard describes how to calculate the. DiMod and. SAE J Compliance. Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Jochen Schulz, Service Engineer,. Kistler Automotive GmbH, Heidelberg, Germany r.

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Digital Data Processing— This section establishes guidelines for j11 data processing equipment used by crash testing agencies. In cases where properties of sae j211 test subjects preclude rigid transducer mounting, an analytical or experimental evaluation of mounting effects on the saee should be provided.

The whole channel performance could then be demonstrated on the basis of subsystem results, together with a rationale for combining the subsystem results together.

The use of this report is entirely voluntary, and Its applicability and suitability for any particular use, including any patent sae j211 arising therefrom, is the sole responsibility of the user. Sae j211 of digital filter used e. In some systems it may be necessary to divide the whole channel into subsystems, for calibration and checking purposes.

sae j211 The calibration of the data channel shall cover the whole range of the amplitude class. Criminal penalties may apply for noncompliance.

However, the method of demonstrating compliance with the recommendations is flexible and can be adapted to suit the needs of the particular equipment the agency is using. For sae j211 chest compression, a blow to the left side of the chest produces a positive displacement of the impacted ribs relative to the thoracic spine.

Bold arrows of normal forces Fshear forces Sand moments M are shown in positive directions. The calibration of the amplitude response did not cover the sse CAC The test report shall indicate the calibration limits. Rather, it is intended that any agency proposing to conduct tests to sae j211 document should be able sae j211 demonstrate that if such a single test could be and were carried out, then their equipment would sae j211 the recommendations.

If a positive axis is grasped with the right hand with the thumb extended in the positive direction as shown in Figure 3, then the curl sae j211 the fingers indicate the positive direction for angular motions and moments.

It saee not intended that each recommendation be taken in a literal sense, as necessitating a single test sae j211 demonstrate that the recommendation is met.

SAE J211-1: Instrumentation for Impact Test

Startup of the digital filter yields the same response as switching a signal into the input of an analog filter. If the calibration equipment cannot produce the required input, due sae j211 excessively high values of the quantity to sae j211 measured, calibrations shall be sae j211 out within the limits of these calibration standards and these limits shall be recorded in the report.

By passing the data through the filter forward and then backward the filter will not phase shift the data. This can be done, for instance, by recording the output of spare channels equipped with dummy transducers.

SAE J211: Instrumentation for Impact Tests

It is suggested that standard tape speeds be used: If it is difficult to measure the whole channel performance, which is usually the case, the test agency may treat the channel as two or more convenient subsystems.

It is important to sae j211 that valid comparisons using different frequency sae j211 classes may be difficult to make. The type of digital filter used should be reported.

Search the history sae j211 over billion web pages on the Internet. The input signal is referenced to well-known physical data, that is, a load or acceleration, but not voltage.

See SAE Paper To establish equivalence, it is the user’s responsibility to perform the tests necessary to ensure that the transducers sae j211 consideration yield similar results for the application of interest, within the error tolerances recommended by SAE J21 1 for the whole data channel.

The user must ascertain combined performance to establish equivalence. Sae j211 difference equation in the time domain has the form: This is also measured with respect to one or more designated reference points.

For sae j211, load cells that measure shoulder belt loading of the clavicle are designed to measure Fx and Fz applied to the clavicle. NOTE — The transverse sensitivity is usually a function of the nominal direction of the axis sae j211. Principal axes of load cell are aligned parallel to respective axes of local dummy coordinate system. This can be accomplished for example by an electrical signal of known amplitude sxe the output signal of the transducer which allows a check to be made on sae j211 gain of the data channel, except the transducer.

The least sze bit should correspond to approximately 0. This method also j2111 be used if there are no calibration methods to validate the dynamic response of the transducer type in question.

Full text of “SAE J Instrumentation for Impact Test”

The channel frequency class was Hz d. The standardized sectioning scheme is illustrated by the free-body diagram of a cube xae in Figure 5. Details on various injury index calculations can be found in SAE J SAE invites your written comments and suggestions. All data are to be gathered sae j211 class or higher, for sae j211 purpose.