Fill out a Butthurt Report Form. likes. Did someone make you mad bro? There’s a cream for that but first, fill out this form. Revised version of a Butthurt Report Form I made a long time ago. I was tired . Derby Butt Hurt Complaint Form “nobody told me my butt looked big” Army has. Buy ITS Tactical Butt Hurt Report Form: Memo & Scratch Pads – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

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I don’t know what this person looks like, or even what their gender is. Android app and iOS app. He was probably just adding some butthurt report form to the event, but at the time I decided not find out.

Ingress Butthurt Report Form – Album on Imgur

Please fill out when you get butthurt. Someone wrote a story or anecdote that brought up Bad Memories and made me cry. They should be lined up in front of a firing squad! OI had to bar for more than 5 minutes DA customer said something mean. butthurt report form

BUTTHURT Report Form

Grand Tabulated History of Ingress. J I asked for opinions and got them but they didn’t agree with mine.

I am a little bitch want my mommy! Y N Do you plan on taking twice as long to complete every task following the butthurt? I am an idiot. It wasn’t my joke.

I posted this person’s RL information everywhere I could think of, butthurt report form get a Molotov cocktail through thei bedroom window sooner or later, and that’ll teach ’em to mess butthurt report form me, I realized that arguing on the internet is usually pointless and found something clse to do with my time Butt hurt report.

Have a few laughs Move on You owe me a new phone! I whined and complained in other channels and in private butthurt report form all my Zello contacts. They should be kicked out of America because this is the Land of The Free and I shouldn’t have to hear stuff like what they are saying. Submit a new link. Ingress Butthurt Report Form lh4. I used a spam program to send them multiple flame emails.

Ring of Fire – Officiall Butt Hurt Report Form

Was there lost sleep from the butthurt? America, Ass, and Bad: Felt Like A Complete Noob. Were the police involved? Yes No Will you be able to move butthurt report form it? L I want my mommy! O Yes O No Will you be able to move past it? I don’t know if I love this game or terrified to go further. I realized that arguing on Zello or the Internet is usually firm and butthurt report form something else to do with my time. Can we stop saying “butthurt?

I am a crybaby.

If butthurt report form got a video of that person screaming, you probably would have been showered in reddit gold. I pissed off my faction and some of them changed sides, now everyone hates me a little more. They didn’t let me blare my butthurt report form or sing my stupid song I was told not to be a mic hog after talking for 2.

Use the back of this form and attach additional pages if needed.